Doing business in Central Queensland?

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Our Vision

We streamline supply chains and promote onshore manufacturing by fostering collaboration between large enterprise procurement and SME engineers and manufacturers, empowering the development of localised solutions.





B2B Digital Platform

Strenghtening Supply Chains

Why you should be interested?

Large Enterprise Procurement

Do you usually look for local suppliers with capabilities to meet your operational and projects' needs?

Share your present and future needs and connect with relevant local suppliers.

Local SME Supplier

Do you usually pursue business opportunities that align with your present and prospective capabilities?

Have access to relevant purchase needs published by buyers and be able to respond and connect efficiently.

Key Features

Enhancing communication and providing awareness of the relevant local needs and capabilities

Suppliers' Directory

Browse local suppliers, company profiles, capability statements, service and product offerings.

Smart matching

Automatic matching of purchase needs and suppliers' capabilities. Get notifications at the right time.

Opportunities Repository

Browse and respond to buyers and their respective projects pipelines, RFIs, EOIs and RFQs.

Enhanced Visibility

Increased transparency in local market needs and offerings.